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Broads Abroad is a female-only online membership-based social network listing opportunities for members to stay free of charge with like-minded women around the world. Imagine being based for three days (recommended stay) at the home of a fellow member who can tell you about the best local haunts, and will provide you with a room, knowing that in your turn you will welcome a member into your own home. Broads Abroad is for independent female travellers who want a new and authentic travel experience.

Meet and stay over with other female members

Catch up with a local in Paris, visit New York galleries with a passionate art-lover or hit the West End with a London theatre buff. Stay over with like-minded women and gain new insights into the best destinations the world has to offer.

Safety and security

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Each member’s identity is verified before she is given full access and all online interactions are monitored through our system. All feedback on members’ experiences is published online.

History of Broads Abroad

The concept of the ancient Bedouin tradition of offering unconditional hospitality to desert travellers for a maximum of three days has been a key element in the history of Broads Abroad.

Memoirs of a broad abroad

Broads Abroad founder Mandy Rowe has been approached by an American publisher and encouraged to produce a memoir about her life and the genesis of Broads Abroad Travel Network. Scheduled for publication in the US in mid 2014, Mandy’s experiences as an artist, psychologist, and ex-pat wife and mother in Saudi Arabia are sure to intrigue and inspire.

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Dynamic, independent women use Broads Abroad Travel Network to meet like-minded individuals and facilitate authentic travel experiences all over the world.

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